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Ancient Music

The Acropolis At Night

Ancient Greece – we have so much to learn from their old civilisation.

Music was part of every day Greek life interwoven with their
mythology and legends.

Their music laid the foundation for Western modern music,
because ancient Greek music went on to influence the
ancient Romans, early Christian church, and medieval composers.

Philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato taught music in
mathematical terms of the harmonies, and in relation to
the mechanics of the cosmos.

Music does come from the Universe;
they knew – thousands of years ago.

The ancient Greeks used music for religious, entertainment, rituals,
sacrificial ceremonies, parties and festivals.

It was also used to induce prophets into religious ecstasy and

Percussion, wind and stringed instruments were used; types of music
being hymns, joyous songs and music for poetry and drama.

Music was an integral part of the Greek perception of how their race
had evolved; how their destinies were watched and
guided by the Gods.

The sounds of the music heard at rituals, games, and dramas
underwent a change after the fall of Athens around 400 B.C.

Legends describe a revolution in Greek culture;

Plato observed that the new music showed high musical talent,
showmanship and virtuosity, but rejected educated
standards of judgment.

Although instrumental technical skill was appreciated, Plato’s
observation regarded the over attention to instrumental music
interfered with the accompanying human voice,
which was always present.

Plato could see the falling away from the traditional ethos in music.

These ancient stories passed down over the ages are reminiscent of
recent decades and contemporary music happenings.

Strange how history is often seen to repeat itself.

Ritchie in a Greek Guitar Shop

Best Wishes – Ritchie