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Ritchie’s Newsletter

Freedom and Privilege of Music

I consider music to be very sacred, belonging to spirits within the Divine.

It is a gift given to us all.

I believe having the ability to listen or play music and exploring all the permutations that music offers makes us extremely privileged.

Music is rather fragile.

All people subconsciously can recognise and feel if a performer is playing or singing from the heart.

Beethoven had been quoted as saying: “To play a wrong note is alright, but to play without passion is inexcusable”.

I’m sure many musicians feel privileged and honoured when they play to audiences in the custom they are attuned to. I think it enables one to have a sense of freedom.

As a youngster I rarely had such deep philosophical thoughts but as I matured in years my feelings how I played music changed. I feel more appreciative and privileged.

Best Wishes – Ritchie