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Finding The Atmosphere

Ritchie Buckman and Ritchie Petersen
post Highlanders v’s French Barbarians Rugby Game
22nd June 2018 at Invercargill, New Zealand.

Life can sometimes be like walking down a long lonely road – we invariably wonder what’s around the corner. We try not to hold back, yet not go too fast as to trip at the corners, or where the road becomes unsettled.
I would think that most of us enjoy the experience of life in general – we may as well enjoy it whilst we’re here – before we return to the Universe to seek out other adventures.

We’re subjected to many so-called modern “things” that supposedly are said to make life easier, or more stimulating for us. There are valid counter-arguments for many technological advances and concepts.
The most classical example would be forms of social media, which ironically, modern day musicians including myself, have used to exploit their music in video and audio forms.

However, I read something recently that said:
“You will never be able to replace the atmosphere of a live concert”.

I thought about this briefly – it didn’t take long to learn that there was nothing false in this statement.

Yes it’s all too true – one can only experience the stimulation of a live concert by actually being there – with the musician/s.
You would not attain the same level of enjoyment by watching the same show on TV, YouTube or your Mobile Phone.
From a musician’s perspective, that’s pleasing to know – though I wonder if the average person understands or fully appreciates the concept, or gives it any real thought?
Maybe sub-consciously they do, but no doubt it wouldn’t consciously register with them. Why? Because any form of music listened to affects each individual in ways they don’t understand.
It’s simply just a facet of life and nature.

To fully experience a “live concert” – where does one have to go?
The few big international celebrity shows held at major venues cost a relative large amount of money and they don’t come around that often.
However, most towns and cities have regular house and guest musicians, playing various forms of genre’s, in restaurants, clubs, and the like.
These are easy enough to get along to for most people.

But a development over the recent years has been the concept of “House Concerts”, whereby a host invites their selected audience (usually dinner party type friends) into their home.
The numbers may range from about ten to thirty or so people, any number that can comfortably fit into an average sized dining/entertainment area in a house. It’s a throw-back to the “Chamber Orchestra” of decades and century’s gone by.
The musicians at these House Concert functions invariably play their own compositions without any sound amplification etc.
Obviously genre’s such as: Heavy Metal, Rock etc are usually not required, as they don’t fit the necessary gentle audio levels or intimacy expected. Folk and classical genres are ideal.

House Concerts enable the audience to experience the full intimacy – they are there right with musician, who usually enlightens everyone with the inspirations behind their compositions, and tells some humorous stories.
It is a unique experience for the audience; for a small sum the audience has had the atmosphere and stimulation of a “live concert”.

There’s another saying too:
“You have to be at a live sports event to truly feel the atmosphere”.
I’m sure most people would agree with that.

Recently I went to a “live” international rugby game – I had the thrill to see a distant cousin of mine play (Ritchie Buckman for the Highlanders rugby team). Watching this game was certainly an experience I’ll won’t forget.
I was lucky enough to quickly grab a “selfie pic” of Ritchie and myself after the game – it was a cold winter’s night!!

Yes – live sports events and live concerts, thankfully, for us all, are not going to go away!

Meanwhile: Lovely Little Lady waits in the wings, as she waltzes down the winding road.
(The single will be released next month.)

Best Wishes – Ritchie