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Birds Set To Fly

How free are we really – it’s such a universal word
that has numerous meanings to different people.

I wonder if every single person has, at some stage in their lives,
experienced some form of “prison”
whether it been their own choosing or not.
There are always options to get out of any type of confined zone
that one may feel constrained in – it’s a matter of finding a way.

The year 2020 has brought changes to nearly everyone in the world.
Our lifestyle, work, and play has been affected
in so many unexpected ways.
People’s freedom has been severely curtailed – and we don’t know for
how long and to what ultimate degree.

We may sometimes take much in life for granted;
and believe that some things are supposed to be ours of natural right.

In trying times we can turn to our in-depth characters to help us enable and truly
appreciate what we really have – beyond any desires or wants.

Freedom is very special.

Best Wishes – Ritchie