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Ritchie’s Newsletter


I believe that we’re fortunate if we really know
what we’d like to do in our lives, our personal reason for being,
our purpose, what brings us happiness and inspiration.

We all have a natural need to do something.

I’m sure it feels better when one takes on a definite activity or discipline that
other people require, to keep our world balanced and functioning.

Our world still feels, to many, unstable and out of sync.
The current world economic and political issues are
a frustration, when seeking an equilibrium atmosphere
that we’ve been previously accustomed to.
Many people still feel an uncertainty and uneasiness
from recent past events,
with many wondering where they are in the world
and what they may contribute.

The Japanese have a meaning for a “reason for being”,
they call it IKIGAI.
A mathematical tool – Venn diagram – can describe this concept.

By studying the Venn diagram, a person can ascertain where they see themselves,
and perhaps understand how and why they’ve arrived at their place in the world.

The IKIGAI diagram can apply to any activity people perform in the world;
finding your own Ikigai, where everything co-exists,
can be deeply fulfilling.

It can be readily appreciated, that people in their relative profession or occupation
may find it difficult to achieve a balance in approaching the concept of IKIGAI.

I’m sure musicians are not alone in this respect.

Best Wishes – Ritchie