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Ritchie’s Newsletter

Show The Way

Some years ago whilst visiting a book-store in Australia I felt a certain
atmosphere amongst people browsing the
quiet isles in their search of the countless books.

Perhaps the scene portrayed to me a type of style that I hadn’t seen before, or
was accustomed to.

I think it was really the way people dressed that looked right;
a bit different than the normal fashion at the time.

A beret over one’s head; clothes that
perhaps didn’t match the times.

But I thought that looked OK – a sort of artistic flair.

The coziness of the quaint book store added it’s charm to the feelings I had;
the lyrics for this song popped out shortly after.

Praise and positive thoughts – I think we all have them when
we see people whom we stumble upon that
inspires us to greater things.


Best Wishes – Ritchie