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Ritchie’s Newsletter

Old and New

(the changing times)

Our seasons come and go – forever changing.
Music has been all around us since time began (whenever that was.)

Our most distant ancestors sang before they learnt
a language to converse with.

Singing is a natural way to express any emotion.
Our voices were the very first musical instruments;
male voices, generally, being deeper than female voices.

Singing provides a natural social bonding,
amongst many other subconscious attributes.

So in the early days of mankind we all performed and listened;
it was part of our natural way of life – we just got on with it.

Fast forward to recent decades – or a couple or so centuries – we find
that we have separated: Performers and Listeners.

Our (civilised??) society is somewhat conscious of performers;
some people would describe them as “chosen” with
most having goals and ambitions for their respective music.

Listeners invariably have to pay to listen;
but they can still choose what they wish to listen to.

Yet, like the good old days, each of us can be both performers
and listeners – it is still our choice.

Enjoy your music; sing and play whenever you wish.

Best Wishes – Ritchie