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Ritchies Inaugural Newsletter

Welcome everyone to my inaugural bi-weekly Newsletter – I trust you will enjoy reading the general music information and the insights to my compositions which I’ll be releasing monthly.

Feel free to send me any feedback  – about anything – any time – – it will be great to hear from you!

Influences in music for me started when I was a youngster around the  era of the 60’s – music has always been part of my life.  I do love it!

I knew music was what I needed to do at an early age – but my early direction was swayed by a necessity to achieve a conservative profession to sustain a desirable living.

Aviation was the industry I chose.  I am an Avionics Licenced Engineer and Commercial Pilot/Fight Instructor, currently still work in the aviation maintenance field, as a field engineer and consultant.

The involvement in this aviation area can make it difficult to semi-retire!

My professional work has carried me to many corners of the world – having a strong creative desire had motivated me to travel extensively.

Indeed extensive travel is invariably a strong desire for most artists.

About 10 years ago I intuitively sensed the need to do some formal musical study.  Taking a sabbatical from aviation to complete a Music Diploma at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in Tauranga, New Zealand, I discovered that the formal music study was invaluable.

I have many tutors and mentors from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic to thank. They provided a strong catalyst enabling me to release my creativity.

As a major turning point in my life – it was also the time I met and married my wife Paula!

I have since written over 30 songs, which I will commence releasing from next month – so stay tuned!

My next Newsletter will describe my inspiration of my song: CNR CAFE GIRL – and how it came to be related to my aviation field.

Alternate bi-weekly Newsletters will have themes that relate to music in general and also to myself.

So as a footnote, and theme, to this inaugural Newsletter, starting from the very beginning, many people over the years have asked me:

Where does music come from?

The answer is simple – music comes from THE UNIVERSE.

We sang before we could speak – our voices sang a musical tune when our vocal cords first created sounds.

 We all can sing – anytime we wish.

All composers are essentially a channel for music originating from the depths of the Universe.

Best Wishes – Ritchie