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GO GO The Highlanders
Corner Cafe Girl
Lovely Little Lady
Look At You
Sentimental Signs
Show The Way
Free To Love

“GO GO The Highlanders”

Ritchie has released a “one song” CD: “GO GO The Highlanders”.
This is not Ritchie’s normal genre, but he believes the song will be well received among the local rugby communities.
“GO GO The Highlanders” is a song he felt that rugby supporters needed, to cheer along and encourage their local team,
enhancing a vibrant atmosphere at rugby games.

Ritchie is distributing all proceeds from “GO GO The Highlanders” to the
Otago, North Otago and Southland Rugby Unions
for the support and sponsorship of school rugby.
You can download “GO GO The Highlanders” here or
buy your own CD copy of “GO GO The Highlanders” right here:

or check out the promo version on YouTube or Sound Cloud.

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“Corner Cafe Girl”

Ritchie’s first normal genre release is “Corner Cafe Girl”, available now on

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“Lovely Little Lady”

Lovely Little Lady is Ritchie’s next normal genre release. It is available now on

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“Look At You”

“Look At You” is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

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“Sentimental Signs”

“Sentimental Signs” is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Deezer.

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“Show The Way”

“Show The Way” is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

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“Free to Love”

“Free To Love” is available now

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