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Ritchie’s Newsletter


Art does take numerous forms, from gallery pictures, to acting and performing.

The art I readily associate with is music.

I’ve often wondered, as I go about my day-job in aviation: do we really need art?

Could we not do without it?

Isn’t it a waste of money with, for example, Government charities and Trusts
that provide grants to promote certain arts?

One could say that it’s not exactly a real job being an artist.

True, it’s not an essential survival activity, not a vital life providing discipline or occupation like:
farmers – to provide an organised supply of food;
medical professionals – to save lives when sick or in life threatening situations;
fire service and other rescue personnel – to assist in emergencies; and so forth.

But life isn’t just about living for the sake of living.

Us humans do thrive on a balance of physical, mental, and emotional attributes.
If one of these goes out of sync, the others do tend to quickly suffer.
Art does provide us with mental and emotional balance.
The Romans, I’m certain, knew this over two thousand years ago.
They were very aware that artists provided the soul for the Roman society,
probably learning it from the Greeks.
The Romans nurtured and protected their artists.

We all have some spiritual make up in us – some more than others – and we all need an outlet
and stimulation to keep our souls happy – art can provide us with this balance.

Stay tuned – YOU SEE ME – one of my favourite songs
I wrote about ten years ago – soon to be released.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings to everyone

Best Wishes – Ritchie